For new researchers equipment can seem to be a daunting task. However, investigations can be successful with even the most basic tools. We recommend that everyone just starting have at least:

  • Basic Audio Recorder - Digital Recorders can be found online and in local stores starting at $10.00. We recommend one that can be hooked up to a Windows or MacOS based machine via USB and will save the file as a mp3 or wav.
  • Pencil and Paper - The researchers most important tool. Document, Document and Document. We recommend you take notes of changes in tempature, mood, lighting of the rooms. If you see something move out of the corner of your eye, get the time and write about it.

Some of the best findings we get are audio based. After you complete a couple investigations using your audio recorder along with pencil and paper you may wish to add more equipment. Don't get caught up in your feelings of "I gotta have it". Paranormal Research should be kept fun and should never take priority over family, bills and the like.

When you do have the financial means, some other useful equipment to invest in would be:

  • 1080p Digital Video Recorders
  • Still Cameras that are 10MP or higher
  • DVR System
  • Digital Thermal Reader - Real-time is preferred but a "Click To Get" can get the job done. Such as a digital body tempature reader.