Can you remove ghosts / spirits from my home?
No. - We can only investigate the area and share our findings. We do not wish to get any more involved than that. All we can do is help confirm or deny what you may believe is happening.

Do you require payment?
No. - Allowing us to investigate your home or business is greatly appreciated and we will never ask for anything in return.

Most ghost websites have scary music and images. But yours does not. What gives?
We don't do this to scare people. We just want to share what we have found. We love the paranormal and hope you will too.

I'm a member of another paranormal group. Would you be interested in getting together?
We would love to get together and talk about our favorite locations and share stories. However, We can no longer offer joint investigations. We feel our team size is perfect at this time.

Are all of you believers?
When we started off several years ago that answer was no. Most of us were skeptical. However, there has been enough evidence captured in audio that we all believe now that something more is out there.


Please contact us if you have any further questions!