The Rock, Opened on January, 1934 and had a capacity of 312 prisoners. It housed famous criminals like Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly and is home of the legendary Frank Morris escape. Before Alcatraz became a federal prison its first inmates were military personnel who were forced to work on the prison in the late 1850's. Alcatraz was eventually shut down on March 21, 1963 due to high repair costs caused by salt water saturation that eroded the buildings.

There are several stories of ghosts in Alcatraz. A night security guard reported hearing unexplainable clanging sounds coming from the Utility Corridor where several inmates were shot to death during a prison break. Cell 14D is a cell where visitors and employees have reported feeling a strong intensity over-come them. A prisoner once locked in 14D screamed that a creature with glowing eyes was killing him. He was later found strangled to death. Also stories of crying and moaning, banjo music coming from the showers and unexplainable cold spots in areas of the prison

We did the “Inescapable Experience” tour when we visited Alcatraz. We kept our sound recorders going the whole time and took 100's of photos. Sadly there were so many people talking that any recordings we had were tainted. Nothing strange showed up in any of the pictures. However, There was for sure a strong feeling of not being alone. The little hairs standing up on the back of the neck, the uncontrollable feeling of needing to look behind you. We wish we could visit this place alone some night.

This ended up being a very interesting trip. We new coming into it that we may not get much because we were going on an actual tour of the area with other people. We wanted to do it anyways even if to just experience it and get to feel it. The trip was very worth while. If you decide to visit Alcatraz Island we recommend the Night Tour. It's available Thur-Mon and costs $33.00 and is the most complete tour of the island.