There are several tools out there free and paid that can be utilzed by an investigator.
Click the name of the software to visit a link.


Audio Editing:

  • Audacity - Open Source - Free. Slicing and mixing.
  • Reaper - Commerical with free options. Editing, Recording. Very Powerful.

Video Editing:

  • Vegas Movie Studio - Commercial. One of the most powerful video editors available.
  • Avidemux - Free. Light weight. Cutting, Filtering and encoding.
  • Lightworks - Free. "Hollywood" quality editing. Difficult to learn. Powerful.
  • Pinnacle Studio - Commercial. Best bang for buck. Fairly powerful. Easy to use.
  • Windows Movie Maker - Free. Probably already installed. Great for easy slide-shows

Image Editing:

  • GIMP - Free. You need this software!
  • Paint - Free. Already installed on Windows computers.
  • Star Watermark - Please take credit for ALL of your photo's you put online. This software will put a watermark on your images. This helps prevent other groups from using your work as theirs.